Inmondo Tech

Industry: Metal-organic framework materials

Inmondo Tech produces metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) for commercial use. Metal-organic frameworks are micro-porous materials with large surface areas, and they’re useful for many industrial and research applications. While thousands of distinct MOFs have been synthesized in a lab environment (in very limited quantities), only a few types of MOFs are available commercially.
Inmondo Tech is able to produce MOFs at scales of 10 grams to 1 kilogram, and in a variety of formats, offering industrial clients the samples they need for successful real-world product research, development and testing. The company is offering a more diverse selection of MOFs than previously available, and can also synthesize small amounts of custom MOFs.  
With increasing academic interest in MOFs, those that can also be used commercially are in high demand. Inmondo Tech is meeting this growing need. 

Company website: Inmondo Tech

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