Industry: Manufacturing micro-optics

AlpZhi has developed a next-generation fabrication process to produce micron-scale devices for the medical and consumer electronics market. The types of devices include micro-optics, or lenses, optical fibers and other optical systems just a few micrometers in size.
The company’s fabrication process uses advanced stereolithography techniques in which light energy is used to cure liquid photosensitive polymers and shape the material.
This process reduces fabrication time by as much as eight-fold compared to existing technologies, thus reducing cost as well. Advanced stereolithography also offers greater design flexibility in the shape, size and refractive index of the manufactured lens, allowing AlphZhi to better tailor its devices to the specific needs of clients.
The type of micro-devices produced by AlpZhi’s fabrication process are used to produce cameras, endoscopes, laser devices, imaging and projection devices, flexible displays, compact bio-sensors and high-efficiency solar panels. AlpZhi estimates the micro-optic market size to be worth $200 million annually.

Company website: AlphZhi

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