Industry: Intraoperative imaging to identify tumor margins

Spectropath is developing and commercializing biomedical imaging technology based on research from Emory University and Georgia Tech. The company’s flagship product, the Image-Guided Surgery System, enables surgeons to visually identify targeted tissues during a surgery.
Cancer surgeries are an area of focus for the company’s technology. Currently, surgeons rely solely on visual inspection of the surgical area to determine the size of the malignancy and the tissues to be removed. If the physician’s estimate is incorrect, the patient may need additional surgeries or chemotherapy.
Spectropath’s Image-Guided Surgery System offers an optical and electronic interface that allows surgeons to identify cancer cells with immediate visual recognition. The underlying technology uses laser illumination to selectively induce fluorescence in malignant tissues after the patient is given a preoperative dose of a tracer agent.

Company website: Spectropath

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