Photochem Technologies

Industry: Automated protein footprinting platform

Photochem Technologies is creating technologies to analyze therapeutic proteins used in pharmaceuticals, supporting and aiding drug development.
The global therapeutic proteins market is forecast to reach $141.5 billion in 2017. As the patents on these protein pharmaceuticals begin to expire, the need for generic versions increases. To ensure safety and effectiveness, the FDA requires proof of structural similarity between protein pharmaceuticals and their generic versions.
In response to this need, Photochecm Technologies has developed an efficient technique for comparing protein structures. The technique draws on a combination of protein photochemistry and LC-MS analysis, enabling a method called hydroxyl radical protein footprinting (HRPF). The company plans to commercialize this platform for fast, sensitive protein analysis.
As more and more therapeutic protein pharmaceuticals hit the market, HRPF may become the industry standard method for comparing protein structures and ensuring quality standards. 

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