Whisper Communications

Industry: Mobile Payments

Whisper Communications develops technology to transmit financial data more securely, particularly localized transactions using near-field communication (NFC). Because financial transactions are increasingly conducted via mobile wallet, NFC payments are an essential field of data security.
Whisper Communications’ flagship product is the Whisper Cone of Silence (WCoS), which allows mobile financial data to be transferred only within the virtual “cone,” thwarting would-be eavesdroppers.
In 2015, the worldwide mobile payments market was around $235 billion, with massive future growth predicted. Whisper Communications plans to partner with mobile payment services, using its patented technology to offer greater security for the provider, merchant and consumer.
Additional potential markets include radio-frequency identification (RFID), short-range wireless communications, passports and credit cards and secure cloud services. 


Company website: Whisper Communications

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