Industry: Blood transfusion diagnostics

3Ti created a fully automated system for blood bank diagnostics, enabling a more efficient approach to testing before blood transfusions. 

3Ti’s new technology, the Aegis system, is designed to automate diagnostic tests, including grouping of blood types, screening for red blood cell antibodies, cross-matching for donor-recipient compatibility and testing for infectious diseases. All of these functions are contained in a single analyzer. 

Approximately 7,000 hospital transfusion services, clinical reference labs and blood collection centers are operating worldwide, yet little more than half of these labs are automated. Meanwhile, a shortage of qualified lab technicians has created a need for blood test automation. 

In 2012, 3Ti signed a Development and License Rights Agreement with EMD Millipore. Millipore retains exclusive development rights for the duration of the contract.  

Company website: 3Ti

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