Argent Diagnostics

Industry: Nanotechnology-based diagnostic products

Argent Diagnostics has developed a diagnostic product and technique that can detect viruses and bacteria with far greater sensitivity than current methods.
Using a nanofabrication process, Argent Diagnostics produces a silver nanorod substrate, stamped with sample wells. This substrate amplifies the unique vibrational “fingerprint” possessed by any molecular structure.
The laser light emitted by a Raman spectroscope activates these vibrations, allowing researchers to identify specific pathogens, including salmonella and measles. The company is currently working to extend the device’s applications to other areas of diagnostics and testing.
Argent calls this proprietary technology platform DiagnoSERS (Diagnostic Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy). The company estimates that the platform represents a $15 billion market opportunity. 


Company website: Argent Diagnostics

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