How GRA grows
Georgia’s economy

1 Expand university
research capacity >

GRA recruits brilliant scientists to Georgia as GRA Eminent Scholars - then provides state-of-the-art technology to help these scientists discover and invent. This addition of talent and technology drives more research grants to the state.

Currently, more than 70 Eminent Scholars are at work in Georgia's research universities. And much of the highly sophisticated equipment they use was provided by GRA - technology that also promotes scientific collaboration.

2 Seed and shape
new companies >

As the entrepreneurship arm of GRA, GRA Ventures helps fuel startup enterprises around promising new findings, advances and discoveries at Georgia's universities. These early investments are crucial, and they're often made before a company is even formed.

Beyond a financial vote of confidence, GRA Ventures also provides a pool of experienced CEOs and mentors to help guide (and sometimes lead) the newly launched enterprises.

3 Help the best startups
grow faster >

The most promising companies launched out of Georgia's universities draw investment from a range of sources. One of these is GRA Venture Fund, LLC, a unique private investment fund with capital from the State of Georgia, private individuals, corporations and foundations.

GRA Venture Fund also provides counsel and expertise to startup company management and facilitates access to a network of business leaders, all to help guide the success of its companies.

! See the impact
over time >

GRA has had a profound impact on university research and economic development. The Alliance has:

  • driven $3.8 billion in direct federal and private investment in Georgia
  • helped launch more than 150 active companies, which have generated more than 6,000 highly skilled science and technology jobs
  • contributed to major breakthroughs in science and technology
    See examples >

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