The intersection of science and commercial enterprise

While GRA capitalizes on opportunities to recruit scientists and seed commercial ventures, our investments have a strategic focus. This is to ensure that Georgia has a concentration of talent and enterprises in a number of defined areas.

Such concentration brings benefits. The likelihood for collaboration increases; the appeal to prospective funding sources is made more compelling; the potential to create critical mass becomes real.

GRA’s strategic focus now encompasses nine intersections of science and industry (below). Explore the work of GRA Eminent Scholars or visit the websites of companies in these areas. Or access a complete list of companies recently seeded and shaped by GRA Ventures, the commercialization program of GRA.

Agricultural Science and Genomics

Two GRA Eminent Scholars, one company
Jeffrey Bennetzen
Scott Jackson

Body Surface Translations

Biomedical Engineering and Regenerative Medicine           

Five GRA Eminent Scholars, 9 companies, 1 project
Ross Ethier
Donald Giddens
Steve Stice
Younan Xia
Robert Yu

Amniox Medical Inc.
Apica Cardiovascular Technologies
APK Advanced Medical Technologies
ArunA Biomedical
MedShape, Inc.
NeuroTrack Technologies
Orthonics, Inc.

Project: Dx/Rx Device for Autism

Cancer and Human Genomics

Seven GRA Eminent Scholars, 33 GRA Cancer Scientists, two companies
Walter Curran
Stephen Dalton
William Dynan
Shafiq Khan
Vasu Nair
Jin-Xiong She
Binghe Wang
Ying Xu

Sisene Oncology, LLC

Computing and Networks           

Six GRA Eminent Scholars, 11 companies
John Copeland
Edward Coyle
James Foley
Jim Hannafin
Biing "Fred" Juang
Max Stachura
Damballa Inc.
Khush, Inc.
Pindrop Security
Reach Health
Sytheros Communications
Useable Health
Velocity Medical, Inc.
Whisper Communications

Electronics and Optics           

Seven GRA Eminent Scholars, 10 companies
Jean-Luc Bredas
Gee-Kung Chang
Russell Dupuis
Jiri (Art) Janata
Rick Trebino
Rao Tummala
Marilyn Wolf

Adaptive Flight
Asankya Inc.
Axion Biosystems
E-System Design
Lumense, Inc.
Nuventix, Inc.
Qualtre, Inc.
Sentrinsic, LLC

Energy and Environmental Engineering           

Six GRA Eminent Scholars, 4 companies, 1 project
Bruce Beck
John Crittenden
William Koros
Ajeet Rohatgi
David Sholl
C. J. Tsai
Sila Nanotechnologies
Suniva, Inc.

Project: Garimella Cooling

Immunology and Vaccines           

Thirteen GRA Eminent Scholars, 1 company 
Rafi Ahmed
Max Cooper
Roberto Docampo
Julia Hilliard
Eric Hunter
Allan Kirk
Jian-Dong Li
Robert Maier
Andrew Mellor
Ignacio Sanz
Guido Silvestri
Samuel Speck
Ralph Tripp

Informatics and Systems Biology           

Eight GRA Eminent Scholars, 2 companies
Xiaodong Cheng
Xiaoping Hu
James Prestegard
Jeffrey Skolnick
Eberhard Voit
Bi-Cheng Wang
Peng George Wang
Ying Xu

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