How the Georgia Research Alliance is funded

A unique balance of private and public support has been the foundation of GRA’s success for more than two decades.
Private funding — from individuals, companies, foundations and partner universities — supports 100 percent of GRA’s operations and management. Without private support, GRA simply wouldn’t exist.
Public funding, through State of Georgia appro­priations, is invested directly into core programs, such as GRA Eminent Scholars® and GRA Ventures.
Every public dollar invested in these programs is further leveraged in some way. This leverage is how GRA has turned $595 million in state investment into more than $3 billion of additional outside investment in Georgia.
For example, the technology GRA purchases for laboratories helps universities secure more federal research grants. The brilliant scientists GRA recruits to Georgia as Eminent Scholars also generate more outside investment, which supports job creation inside laboratories and research centers.
And by providing seed grants and loans to start-ups through GRA Ventures, the Alliance spurs outside venture capital investment into newly launched Georgia enterprises. More about GRA Ventures >
If you’d like to support GRA, you can make a gift online or contact GRA to discuss your involvement.

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