A three-dimensional impact on Georgia

A look at GRA's economic impact
The cumulative impact of the Georgia Research Alliance is perhaps best viewed through the lenses of economy, science and reputation.

Economy. A recent study (see graphic, top right) revealed GRA’s exponential impact on Georgia’s economy: An annual investment of $30 million ultimately generates an economic impact of $825 million each year. Methodology for the study >
A longer look at GRA’s economic impact – since the organization’s 1990 founding – shows that GRA has driven a total of $3.8 billion in direct federal and private investment in Georgia. GRA’s capacity-building efforts at research universities have also helped:
  • Launch more than 150 active companies
  • Create more than 6,000 highly skilled science and technology jobs in Georgia

GRA's investments in world-class talent and sophisticated technology have advanced the frontiers of knowledge in a wide range of areas.
Science. Beyond generating economic results, the Alliance has been a powerful force for advancing science and technology. By recruiting world-class talent to Georgia and making strategic investments in sophisticated technology in laboratories, GRA has significantly expanded the capacity of Georgia’s research universities.
What’s being discovered and invented right now in Georgia is impressive. GRA’s investments are yielding:
  • New ways to diagnose and treat cancer, influenza, AIDS, Alzheimer’s, autism and many other threats to human health
  • Technologies to strengthen network security, prevent fraud and transform communications
  • Biomedical breakthroughs to help protect against cardiovascular disease, traumatic injuries and other health threats
  • Inventions to increase energy efficiency and lessen the environmental impact of energy production

Reputation. GRA illustrates the potential of public, private, academic and nonprofit sectors working together. Because of this partnership, several other states have copied the Alliance model. But even today, GRA is recognized nationally as the strongest enterprise of its kind.
Further, the investments that GRA makes in Georgia’s research universities helps to keep Georgia competitive. These universities produce graduates, publications, discoveries, entrepreneurs, and startups. They attract "risk capital" based on the ideas they generate. And they add great credibility to Georgia’s efforts to recruit top companies to our state.

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