John A. Copeland, Ph.D. (Emeritus)

Technology Transfer
Georgia Institute of Technology
Recruited: 1993

Dr. Copeland's research focuses on end-to-end issues related to transporting voice, video, and data over the Internet Protocol (IP) at the network layer, and on heterogeneous networks at the data link and physical layers.



Dr. Copeland and his lab team research areas of particular interest in a heterogeneous network environment include quality of service, connection admission, routing, control, and feature support. Other areas of research include reliability, fault tolerance, and security.
They would like to create an economy which is so efficient that everyone has time to pursue intellectual, social, and recreational activities without feeling pressure to work long hours at unchallenging tasks just to survive. It would be a society where people can spread out over the countryside, but feel even closer to family, friends, and colleagues due to enhanced telecommunications.

Choosing Georgia

Dr. Copeland chose Georgia because of the vision of the Georgia Research Alliance for creating a productive environment for research.

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