Russell Dean Dupuis, Ph.D.

Electro-Optical Systems
Georgia Institute of Technology
Recruited: 2003

Dr. Dupuis is interested in the growth of III-V compound semiconductor materials and devices, including device design, processing, testing, and simulation.


Specific materials of interest under current investigation are:

(1) the "wide-bandgap" III-nitride alloys of InAlGaN;

(2) the "long-wavelength" alloys of InAlGaAsP, and InGaAsSb;

(3) the visible light-emitting materials containing InAlGaP alloys; and

(4) nanostructures composed of III-V compound semiconductor materials.

His lab explores the the interactions of the charge carriers (electrons and holes) in "zero-dimensional" quantum dots and the electronic states in "two-dimensional" quantum well nanostructures.This is key to developing advanced electronic materials and devices for future-generation commercial and defense applications.

Dr. Dupuis' team is developing "wide bandgap" III-V compound semiconductors and they are working to improve materials quality and device performance. The lab has several worldwide device records at this time and seeks to remain at the leading edge of this important new field.

Choosing Georgia

Dr. Dupuis came to Georgia because of the excellence of the faculty, facilities, infrastructure, and administrative management at Georgia Institute of Technology and the opportunity to build a strong area of research at one of the best engineering universities in the world. The support of the Georgia Research Alliance has been a critically important element in his decision to come to Georgia Tech and in working to help Georgia Tech and the GRA expand their impact to improve the human condition. Dr. Dupius helped to create the new Nanotechnology Research Center at Georgia Tech and to develop new interdisciplinary research opportunities in the nano-bio-electronics fields.

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