C. Michael Cassidy

President and CEO

As the Georgia Research Alliance’s president and CEO, Mike Cassidy has led GRA through its emergence as one of the nation’s premier organizations for technology-based economic development.

Mike is responsible for creating the vision and charting the direction of GRA.  He works to generate broad-based support for GRA’s mission, building and sustaining the non-profit’s powerful set of relationships with companies, economic development and professional organizations, universities, and leaders at the local, state, and national level.

Early in his career, Mike worked at IBM, where he gained a forward-thinking perspective on how the growth of technology would change society. As he began to explore the intersection of government policy and complex undertakings in science and technology, he decided to pursue a career in policy, beginning with a graduate program at Georgia Tech.

While at Georgia Tech, Mike brought his policy expertise to ATDC, the Institute’s award-winning technology business incubator.  After graduating, he became a full-time ATDC employee and eventually the Center’s general manager.

Mike has helped GRA expand its role and the potential of university research and entrepreneurship as a strategy to grow Georgia’s economy. In 2009, he co-founded the GRA Venture Fund, LLC, a public-private investment fund that invests in the most promising startups launched around scientific discovery.

Mike serves on the boards of the State Science and Technology Institute (SSTI), the Health Care Ethics Consortium, Georgia Advanced Technology Ventures, the Global Center for Medical Innovation, Georgia’s Bio/Med Investor Network, Atlanta Emerging Markets Inc., the Georgia Chamber of Commerce and the Lake Lanier Sailing Club.

Mike holds a master’s degree in Technology and Science Policy from Georgia Tech and a BBA in Marketing from Georgia State University.





 C. Michael  Cassidy, President and CEO