Dr. Deepak Divan

GRA Eminent Scholar
Georgia Tech

With 68 patents to his name and several more pending, Deepak Divan is an internationally recognized leader in electrical engineering research, with particular expertise in guiding technologies from concept to market. Through his research and entrepreneurial ventures, he’s made major contributions in the area of power grid monitoring, analytics and optimization.
After a hiatus spent in the Bay Area establishing his most recent start-up, Divan returned to Georgia Tech in fall 2015. As the director of the Georgia Tech Center for Distributed Energy, he leads efforts to develop the energy delivery system of the future – one that is smarter and more sustainable.
After 10 years as a professor at University of Wisconsin-Madison, Divan founded his first company, Soft Switching Technologies, in 1995. Putting his research to work, Divan and his company led essential advances in the field of soft-switching power conversion, a way of reducing the amount of energy lost when converting between different voltages on a grid. He created a device called the Dynamic Sag Corrector, which helps smooth out brief interruptions, or “sags,” in power supply that can damage devices and cause data loss.
Because more than 90 percent of power problems are caused by these sags – which last just 2 seconds or less – Divan’s invention is an efficient way of making a big impact on overall performance of the local power supply, especially in highly power-sensitive industries like healthcare, where a patient’s life can depend on reliable technology. More than 2,000 Dynamic Sag Correctors are now installed in industrial operations from car manufacturing to food preparation.  

Dr. Deepak  Divan, GRA Eminent Scholar