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Breakthroughs in Georgia: Pinpointing type 1 diabetes

How did Type 1 diabetes become such a national scourge? Why are so many children and adults handed a life sentence of insulin injections and endless monitoring of food and exercise? The answer lies in genetics and environment. Augusta University's Jin-Xiong She is undertaking a massive study – one that ultimately will span decades – to examining both genetics and environment. Some 9,000 children who have a gene are that places them at risk for Type 1 diabetes are enrolled in the study in seven countries around the world. They are being carefully monitored up until the age of 15.

WSB-TV Georgia Game Changers
Profiles organizations and individuals who are helping to shape Georgia's future.
Breakthroughs in Georgia: Enterprising Biomedicine
Georgia State Univesity’s high-tech facilities — unparalleled in the U.S. — and scientific talent are building a strong research identity for the university.
Breakthroughs in Georgia: Solar power
Ajeet Rohatgi wanted to bring electricity to people who had none. The answer was right overhead. And he made it happen.
Georgia's magnificent minds
GRA Eminent Scholar Max Cooper reflects on his historic 1960s discovery that the body has two types of immune cells.
Breakthroughs in Georgia: Pinpointing type 1 diabetes
No one has ever studied the genetic and environmental causes of Type 1 diabetes on the scale that Jin-Xiong She has.
Breakthroughs in Georgia: Flu fighters
The unsung heroes in the battle against a pandemic are those who must test the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. Emory's Hope Clinic is one such hero.
Breakthroughs in Georgia: A new drug to stop HIV
GRA Eminent Scholar Vasu Nair figured out a way to stop an enzyme from bringing on HIV infection.
Spotting autism sooner
GRA Eminent Scholar Ami Klin and colleagues discovered a way to detect autism in infants as young as two months old.
Breakthroughs in Georgia: A new way to fight glaucoma
It involves modifying the eye so it can better withstand pressure — and it was discovered at Georgia Tech.
Can phone fraudsters be stopped?
Yes they can, thanks to technology invented at Georgia Tech. With the help of GRA, this technology is now on the market in the form of Pindrop Security.
GRA Trustees: In their own words
The collaborative power of business, government and academia through GRA has paid off for the state of Georgia — and its economy.
What's been invented in Georgia?
The answers may surprise you. See how the state's universities are making the world better — and growing Georgia's future economy — through the power of invention.
The flu menace: New insights and inventions
A fascinating look at how three Georgia scientists are finding new ways to detect, prevent and fight influenza.
The invention that's saving limbs — and lives
Two out of three ankle fusion surgeries fail. MedShape Solutions figured out why — and invented a new approach.
A better way to weigh (a pig!)
No scales, no measuring tape. Just a point-and-shoot device developed with UGA-Georgia Tech technology.
A powerful new tool for cancer fighters
The thousands of medical images taken during a cancer journey just got a lot more manageable, thanks to Velocity.
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