Talent: The bedrock of GRA's efforts

“Build it, and they will come” is the economic development mantra many states have — as in, build an impressive facility, then wait for people it to fill up.

For Georgia, GRA’s mantra has been “bring them here, and great things will follow.” Meaning: Partner with universities to recruit the very best scientists, and they’ll ignite a chain reaction of impact and results.

Talent is the bedrock for GRA’s programs and initiatives. Everything else is built on it. By bringing some of the brightest minds in science and technology to Georgia — and supporting their research while here — GRA gives our state’s universities greater capacity to:

  • attract more federal and private research grants, which expands employment
  • generate more discoveries and inventions, which leads to new products and companies 
  • enrich the academic reputation of Georgia’s universities throughout the nation and world

This third point is especially important, because talent begets talent. GRA Eminent Scholars are well known and highly respected in their fields, so they serve as magnets to attract other outstanding scientists and students.

Now hiring: Academic Excellence

Persuading an accomplished scientist to move his or her research enterprise to Georgia is a team effort. 

GRA joins forces with the state’s research universities to identify the best scientists who are:

  • highly regarded by peers, as evidenced by membership and leadership in prestigious organizations, such as the National Academies;
  • extraordinarily productive, as demonstrated by their ability to attract grant funding and generate discoveries and inventions; and
  • widely published in their fields, as measured by the h-index, a recognized metric of a scientist's influence and contributions based on the number of his/her publications and citations of those publications by other scientists.

Drilling down: Two kinds of talent

GRA Eminent Scholars are acknowledged leaders in areas of science that are strategically important to GRA, the state of Georgia, and to its research universities. 

GRA Distinguished Investigators are rising-star scientists working in strategic areas and possess a strong potential to translate research outcomes into products or treatments for diseases.

GRA Eminent Scholars and Distinguished Investigators hold endowed chairs supported by a minimum 1-to-1 match of GRA investment by private funds.