Cogent Education

Industry: Science education software

Cogent Education builds educational software for high school and postsecondary education classrooms. The company’s interactive case-study applications are designed to increase student engagement with topics in science, technology and energy, and improve the quality of science education as a whole — a goal the company’s founders see as a critical need for the U.S. education system.
To develop its technologies, the company partnered with science teachers, game designers, artists, developers and experts in science education. Through a three-year, 2,300-student study at UGA’s College of Education, the research team was able to test, refine and demonstrate the efficacy and success of its case-study applications.
The target customers for Cogent Education’s product line are teachers, schools, school districts and parents.

Note: Cogent Education was acquired by ExploreLearning in 2017.

Company website: Cogent Education

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