Creative (and strategic) endeavors

GRA initiatives harness university research, entrepreneurship in Georgia to achieve specific aims

Beyond recruiting star scientific talent and seeding companies around inventions, GRA serves as a go-to partner for creating initiatives that involve university research and entrepreneurship in Georgia.

Some examples:

  • The GRA Core Exchange allows scientists at each university to access and use sophisticated equipment and facilities at eight other universities. This exchange makes each university more competitive nationally when applying for research grants. Often, it gets scientists to collaborate.
  • GRA’s Greater Yield initiative benefits Georgia farmers and food producers by developing and delivering new agtech inventions out of Georgia’s universities. The effort leverages the time-tested capabilities of GRA’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship program.
  • Because the pervasiveness and threat of sickle cell disease merits new thinking and approaches, GRA created the Solve Sickle Cell Initiative. This endeavor builds on Georgia’s research and clinical strengths and adds talent and infrastructure at three collaborating institutions.
  • Growing Georgia’s workforce in science, technology, engineering, math and medicine (STEMM) is crucial to the state’s economic future. GRA’s Workforce Development Initiative creates opportunities for groups underrepresented in STEMM occupations to gain valuable experience in Georgia's university research labs.
  • In 2021, the National Science Foundation designated GRA as the lead enterprise in a $20 million national research institute in artificial intelligence (AI). Called AI-ALOE, the institute involves 12 other universities, companies and nonprofits exploring how AI can optimize online learning for adults working to master STEM topics.
  • These special initiatives help Georgia and its universities capitalize on opportunities, so that GRA broadens and deepens its impact on our state.