October 22, 2020

New GRA initiative aims to strengthen agribusiness and entrepreneurship

Greater Yield’ will deliver ingenuity from Georgia universities to farms, food producers

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and state Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black joined leadership of the Georgia Research Alliance today to announce a new GRA initiative that will bring more inventions from Georgia’s universities to farms and food producers.

Called Greater Yield, the initiative leverages the success of GRA’s venture development program, which seeds and shapes companies around university discoveries. A new cohort of university projects and startups, all formed around ag innovation, will qualify to receive grants, loans and mentoring from GRA.

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October 21, 2020

Six university projects that could generate a greater yield in agribusiness

GRA’s Greater Yield initiative, launched in October 2020, is designed to seed and shape more university startup companies around inventions that benefit agribusiness.

Here’s a look at the first cohort of “companies in the making.”

Project: BioScaffold
University of Georgia

Agribusinesses looking to pursue cultured meats — grown from animal cells, with no need for animal slaughter — require platforms called 3DCC (3-dimensional cell culturing).

BioScaffold uses nanofiber technology to create 3DCC platforms that overcome some of the limitations of other commercial-grade systems on the market.

BioScaffold’s suite of prototype devices and fabricated 3-D scaffolds increase yields of cultured cells and improve scalability of operations.

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September 28, 2020

'We have to invent our way forward'

GRA President Susan Shows' interview with national nonprofit SSTI

SSTI, a national nonprofit working to “create a better future through science, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship,” published this Q&A with Susan Shows shortly after her appointment as president of GRA. We’re re-publishing it here.

As GRA celebrates its 30th anniversary, how would you say your mission has changed over the years?
The impetus behind GRA, and our core mission, haven’t changed. Before GRA, our universities were fierce competitors. In athletics, they still compete, but the scale and scope of their collaboration in other areas is extraordinary.

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