Metaclipse Therapeutics

Industry: Tumor-specific therapies

Metaclipse is developing novel cancer therapies based on personalized medicine, with treatment tailored to the specific tumor in an individual patient. The company is first targeting metastatic breast cancer, which affects more than 1.5 million patients each year.
Metaclipse’s therapeutic approach is designed to aid the body’s immune system in attacking metastatic cancer cells. For the treatment, tumor cell membranes are taken from the patient and are modified with immuno-stimulant proteins and patient-specific tumor-fighting antigens, using Metaclipse’s proprietary protein transfer methods. The modified cell membranes are then administered to the patient and serve as a “trojan horse” against cancer, fighting the tumor from the inside.
The company believes its immunotherapy approach could treat many other types of metastatic tumors, and it plans to target prostate and renal cancers as well. 

Company website: Metaclipse Therapeutics

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