Industry: Physiochemical property software

ARChem created SPARC, a physiochemical calculator that uses computational algorithms to estimate the reactivity of a given chemical based on its molecular structure.
SPARC’s algorithms draw on knowledge of fundamental chemical structures and and intra- and intermolecular interaction models to help predict the human and environmental safety of new chemicals. The software is capable of analyzing a broad range of organic compounds.
As a fast and accurate physiochemical property calculator, SPARC fulfills an important need for the chemical and pharmaceutical market. With more than 5,700 registered users, the software is now in wide use in laboratories in academic, government and industrial research.
Along with research and development labs, ARChem is marketing SPARC to regulatory agencies in the U.S., Canada and Europe, which can benefit greatly from the time and cost savings SPARC offers in assessing safety.

Company website: ARChem

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