Lena Biosciences

Industry: Diagnostic 3-D cell culture platforms

Lena Biosciences is developing in vitro products for biomedical research. The company’s 3-D cell culture platforms are versatile tools that enable scientists to grow cells, model tissues and test and deliver drugs in development.
In 2013, the company launched two platform technologies, Spot-A-Culture and Spot-A-Drug. Spot-A-Culture enables consistent culturing of cells in 3-D. Spot-A-Drug allows controlled introduction of drugs to allow pharmacological profiling with different disease models. Both tools integrate into existing pharmaceutical workflows.
Another product is GrandientEZ, which enables testing of drug combination strategies using a patient’s own cells.
Lena Biosciences’ diagnostic 3-D cell culture platforms can help scientists better assess the biological functions of drugs in development before the complex, expensive stage of animal testing.

Company website: Lena Biosciences

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