Industry: Horticultural grow lights

PhytoSynthetix has built a dynamic grow light that increases photosynthetic efficiency in indoor gardening and hydroponic farms. The technology will help reduce operational costs in these facilities, accelerate crop development and maximize biomass production for algae growers.
The company’s core technology uses an LED light system that facilitates communication between the plant and the grow light above, matching light output to photosynthetic capacity. This is enabled by a biological feedback system, composed of a plant sensor, processor and control system, mathematical algorithm and LED light; the biological feedback system measures chlorophyll and fluorescence.
Market trends point to an increase in hydroponic and indoor gardening, but the lighting market is still dominated by 1,000-Watt High Intensity Discharge (HID) grow lights, which are not designed for photosynthesis. PhytoSynthetix’s technology is an ideal replacement that offers energy savings for both garden hobbyists and commercial horticultural operations. 

Company website: Candidus

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