Industry: Tools for Android app developers

MoQuality builds tools that help Android app developers improve testing and maintain high quality on their products.
The company chose to target this market based on interviews with more than 200 software developers, conducted with the help of the Venture Lab at Georgia Tech. Market research revealed that the wide range of Android configurations in the market pose obstacles for testing and quality assurance.
Formerly known as CheckDroid, MoQuality offers two main products. The first is Barista, a tool that records developers’ interactions with the app and adds each interaction to a test case. A visual tool helps developers build a more complete test. The second product is Scout, which facilitates beta testing by capturing videos, screenshots and system performance details from each beta testing session.
Barista and Scout help developers identify bottlenecks in app usage, test cross-device compatibility, prioritize bugs to fix and release a more reliable and glitch-free application. 

Company website: MoQuality

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