Industry: Biodegradable and bio-sourced polymers

ALGIX is a green technology company that runs sustainable fish farms to produce both fresh fish and the protein-rich algae biomass used to create bioplastics. One of the company’s key innovations is a patent-pending technology for converting aquatic biomass (algae) into bioplastics.
The company’s bioplastic line, Solaplast, takes algae biomass and uses plastic extrusion technology to convert the biomass into bioplastic resin pellets. These can be used to create plastic products that range from 10 percent to 50 percent algae-based — a more eco-friendly, sustainable solution than traditional petroleum-based plastic.
According to the Plastics Industry Trade Association, the U.S. plastic industry represents about $374 billion in annual shipments. The bioplastic market is predicted to make up about 50 percent of the plastic market by 2020.

Company website: ALGIX

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