Swamp Optics

Industry: Measurement devices for pulse lasers

Swamp Optics is an established technology company that’s excelled in the laser pulse measurement market since 2002, selling devices that measure and compress femtosecond laser pulses.
The company’s frequency-resolved optical gating (FROG) devices are used by scientists and engineers to aid with research that uses ultrafast lasers. More than a thousand labs around the world use Swam Optics’ patented technology.
Swamp Optics is now developing a more ambitious device with a larger market: measurement devices for many-picosecond to few-nanosecond pulse lasers. These lasers currently do not have a useful measurement device, so Swamp Optics is working to meet this last remaining laser-pulse-measurement need and fill a fast-growing market.
The company’s new nanosecond FROG technology can measure picoseconds to nanoseconds pulses in time, unlike any other device.
The revenue from Swamp Topics’ new laser applications is estimated to reach $30 million by 2019.  

Company website: Swamp Optics

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