Industry: Shape memory devices for orthopedic applications

MedShape Inc. is one of the first companies to develop an FDA-cleared titanium alloy orthopedic device made through a 3-D printing process. The company’s orthopedic devices can be used in surgeries to help repair sports injuries, joint deformities or tendon and ligament tears.
Based on proprietary shape-memory polymer and alloy techniques, MedShape’s technology uses 3-D printing to create orthopedic devices with completely flexible designs. Devices can be tailored to the patient’s anatomy, created with complex geometric features, and fabricated with exact specifications to fit the device’s use. 3-D printing also allows for small batch manufacturing with quicker turn-around times and lower costs.
Despite the advantages of 3-D printing orthopedic devices, few fabricated devices have been approved for clinical use because the fabrication process weakened the integrity of the material. With its use of proprietary alloy techniques, MedShape’s 3-D printing process overcame those challenges.
MedShape has four commercially available, FDA-cleared products. The company’s products are targeted at a $1.5 billion orthopedic implant market worldwide, which is growing at more than 10 percent per year. 

Company website: MedShape

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