Industry: Diagnostic scanning for lymphedema

LymphaTech’s technology is aimed at treating and preventing lymphedema, a swelling disease that affects approximately half of all breast cancer survivors.
Lymphedema treatment costs around $4 billion annually. Current diagnostic methods are inadequate, and since the treatment window for lymphedema is narrow, many patients are left to suffer from the condition permanently.
LymphaTech’s 3D body scanning technology is designed to allow doctors to diagnose lymphedema more promptly, while there’s still time to provide effective treatment. The 3D scan, which can be performed at home or in the doctor’s office, tracks changes in limb volume over time. This detects symptoms early so patients can quickly receive targeted treatment.
 LymphaTech’s solution would improve the quality of life for many breast cancer survivors and meet an important need for clinicians and patients.

Company website: LymphaTech

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