Industry: Microbial production of chemicals

BiotecEra is a biotechnology company with a focus on microbial production of useful chemicals, particularly those used in pharmaceuticals.
Drawing on expertise in metabolic engineering, microbiology and biochemistry, the company has developed efficient microbial processes for producing chemicals such as 5-HTP, 4-HC, salicylic acid and caffeic acid. These are useful products: 5-HTP is used as an antidepressant, sleep aid and appetite suppressant, while 4-HC is an anticoagulant precursor used to make drugs like the blood thinner warfarin.
BiotecEra’s microbial production process is low cost compared to conventional approaches. The company projects a 90 percent reduction in production cost for 5-HTP, as compared to the conventional extraction method. The process is also sustainable and environmentally friendly, posing fewer regulatory hurdles. 

Company website: BiotecEra

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