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Industry: Stroke intervention device to reduce brain injury

Every year, stroke affects nearly 700,000 patients in the U.S. alone. Stroke is a leading cause of death, both nationally and globally, but it also affects surviving patients with lasting brain injury. Cognition Medical has developed a patent-pending medical device that reduces the likelihood and severity of brain injury after stroke.

This device, an aspiration catheter, uses minimally invasive techniques to remove blood clots. Similar devices exist, but they can restore oxygenated blood to the brain too quickly after the clot is removed, and this sudden flood of oxygen worsens brain damage. Conversely, Cognition Medical’s device regulates the rate at which oxygenated blood returns to the brain. The company estimates that its technology could decrease brain damage by 35 percent.

 The fast-growing U.S. market for stroke therapy devices is anticipated to reach $1.3 billion. Cognition Medical brings together a diverse team of experts in engineering, medicine, business and marketing to develop the next generation of stroke treatment, improving outcomes and saving lives.

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