Industry: Automated article summaries for financial services

Cognopsi is a student-led project that builds on the work of Georgia Tech researchers in helping computers parse natural language. The company is developing an artificial intelligence product that reviews articles for the financial services industry and creates a brief summary of each article’s most relevant and important information.

Through extensive market research, the students discovered a pressing need for this technology among investment bankers and foreign exchange traders and analysts. These professionals must review a massive amount of news, research and reports on a daily basis, seeking insight about their clients as well as their clients’ competitors. But reading all these articles is a slow process in a fast-paced industry, halting decision-making and taking bankers away from client calls.

Drawing on Georgia Tech’s breakthroughs in natural language processing, Cognopsi is creating a Big Data solution that can meet the demands of investment professionals for a solution that puts more up-to-date information at their fingertips.

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