Industry: Chest pain diagnostic

Covanos is a medical diagnostics company that devised a new, non-invasive method for doctors to assess the impact and severity of a coronary obstruction. The project, called C-HEART, combines a proprietary mathematical method with an understanding of fluid dynamics to assess a patient’s blood flow using CT images. By looking at blood flow, doctors can decide whether an obstruction requires treatment.

Currently, cardiac catheterization – in which a tube is inserted into the heart – is used to both diagnose and treat heart problems. But 50 percent of the cardiac catheterizations performed each year are ultimately deemed unnecessary, causing the patient undue risk and financial strain. Using a technology like C-HEART, doctors could quickly, accurately and non-invasively assess whether patients who are suffering from chest pain would benefit from a more invasive, expensive procedure.

Covanos estimates the market for this diagnostic device at about $1 billion annually. 

Company website: Covanos

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