Industry: Hydrogel vaccine delivery system

Vaccines remain an essential tool for protecting people from infectious diseases and saving lives. However, many vaccines could be more effective, providing more immunity to more people. To meet this need, EnduraVAX developed VacSIM™, a better delivery method for vaccines. 

VacSIM™ is a liquid composed of synthetic peptides. This liquid can be easily mixed with vaccine components for many different kinds of vaccines. After injection, the synthetic peptides assemble themselves into a nanofiber matrix, forming a gel beneath the skin. This gel releases the vaccine more slowly and gradually, improving the immune response, so the patient develops more and stronger antibodies for the disease. 

VacSIM™’s improved immune response is especially important for a vaccine like the flu shot, which is administered in only one dose. For vaccines requiring multiple doses, the company’s results suggest that the approach could also confer the same immunity in two doses instead of three. 

This product has the potential to change how vaccines are delivered and provide greater protection to people with vulnerable immune systems. 

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