Guide Therapeutics

Industry: Nanoparticle drug delivery

Using a cutting-edge DNA identification technique called “DNA barcoding,” Guide Therapeutics is identifying new nanoparticles that can lead to safe, effective gene therapy, using nanoparticles to deliver drugs directly to cells.

DNA barcoding offers a way to identify, track and test nanoparticles and their properties on an exponentially broader scale than conventional methods. Guide’s researchers tag thousands of distinct nanoparticles with barcodes. The nanoparticles are then injected in parallel, allowing the researchers to conduct thousands of experiments at the same time and discover which nanoparticles are most effective at reaching their target cells.

The company plans to test a massive 30,000 lipid nanoparticles per year at first, and eventually as many as 150,000 annually – identifying promising leads for gene therapy and targeted drug delivery far more rapidly than past approaches have allowed. 

Note: In February 2022, Guide Therapeutics was acquired by Beam Therapeutics >

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