InfraRed Rx

Industry: Non-invasive tools to monitor cardiovascular health

InfraRed Rx is a biotech company that is creating non-invasive tools to measure blood flow in skeletal muscle. The measurements improve understanding of cardiovascular health and muscular fitness.

The company’s technology relies on how active muscles use mitochondria to turn oxygen into energy. InfraRed Rx tools use near-infrared spectroscopy to assess mitochondrial health and function. This reveals broader information about a patient’s health and fitness and can shed light on a variety of health conditions.

Peripheral artery disease (PAD) is one such condition. InfraRed Rx is particularly focused on PAD, in which blood vessels in a patient’s leg build up plaque, making it harder for blood to flow during exercise. This causes leg pain during physical activities such as walking. InfraRed Rx has developed a non-invasive technology to improve treatments for PAD.

The company also provides services such as data processing and analysis, clinical guidance and consulting. 

Company website: InfraRed Rx

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