Kodikaz Therapeutic Solutions

Industry: Gene therapy for cancers

Kodikaz is developing innovative new gene therapies to treat a variety of cancers.

The company’s proprietary technologies are based on the breakthrough work of an Emory researcher, who discovered new mechanisms underlying the way that genetic material is transferred between cells. Using these mechanisms, Kodikaz has created a technique that improves conventional approaches to gene therapy in several key ways.


For instance, this gene therapy platform does not require a viral delivery vector, which minimizes potential for an immune response. It offers a high degree of cell and tissue specificity, so it doesn’t affect other tissues. And it can deliver a large payload of therapy.


Kodikaz is conducting research trials to assess the therapy’s effectiveness for pancreatic cancer, colorectal cancer, myeloma and non-small cell lung cancer.



Company website: Kodikaz Therapeutic Solutions

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