Lucid Scientific

Industry: Cell culture sensors for lab researchers

Lucid has invented an innovative new system for monitoring cell culture experiments. The company’s flagship technology, called RESIPHER, provides continuous and non-invasive measurement of oxygen consumption in a cell culture plate, then streams this information to a convenient web app.

RESIPHER’s propriety oxygen sensors are 10 times smaller and 10 times more sensitive than those on competitor products, offering a highly precise integrated measurement system that works in real time. Using RESIPHER helps researchers gain information about cell growth, dose response, cell line development and other experimental data.  

RESIPHER is easy to set up because it’s integrated into a calibrated, sterilized lid that fits directly on most standard 96-well cell culture plates, and can provide continuous monitoring for up to four weeks.

Lucid is now partnering with top researchers in an early-access program to measure and assess the benefits of RESIPHER as opposed to conventional methods.

Company website: Lucid Scientific

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