Moonlight Therapeutics

Industry: Next-gen exposure therapy for food allergies

Moonlight Therapeutics is developing safe, effective treatments for people with food allergies. The treatment draws on the company’s proprietary microneedle patch system, which painlessly delivers allergens to the outer layers of skin to provide exposure therapy. The company’s flagship product targets peanut allergies.

Moonlight’s “dermal stamp” is small and painless. It can be applied for less than five minutes, making it convenient for patients. It delivers the allergens to the skin in a targeted therapy, evoking a strong immune response without side effects.

People with severe food allergies are at constant risk of dangerous and even fatal anaphylactic shock reactions to accidental exposure. Treatment reduces the severity of the allergic response and reduces the risk of dangerous reactions. Moonlight’s product can fill this urgent need.

Company website: Moonlight Therapeutics

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