Industry: Carbohydrate compound samples for research supply

Glycans are compounds made from simple sugars. In recent years, they’ve become the focus of much scientific interest, as researchers have become more aware of the role that glycans play as building blocks of biological life, with essential impacts on health and disease.

Isolating a pure, reliable sample of glycans is challenging and technically complex. Most researchers who study glycans, or use glycans in their work, do not have the skills or the equipment to create their own samples. NatGlycan meets the needs of researchers like these. The company has developed a proprietary process for generating a large supply of these essential glycans.

NatGlycan’s proprietary process uses sodium hypochlorite (also known as bleach) for controlled oxidation that frees glycans from attached molecules, such as proteins or fats. The process ends with purified glycans available in vials or microarrays for research use.

Company website: NatGlycan

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