Industry: Drug therapies for cancer

OncoSpherix is a biotechnology company that is developing drug therapies to treat cancer.

Most cancerous tumors have spots where the cancer cells don’t receive much blood, depriving them of oxygen and making them weaker. OncoSpherix develops small-molecule drugs that specifically attack these regions. The drugs target H1FI, a gene expressed in hypoxic (low-oxygen) cancer cells, and one that plays a key role in the cells’ continued survival and spread.

This innovative therapy emerged from research discoveries at Emory University, Georgia State University and Scripps Research Institute. In pre-clinical studies, the company’s most promising drug candidates are showing strong results against multiple kinds of advanced cancers. 

OncoSpherix’s therapies could be used in combination with other cancer treatments that prevent growth and spread of cancer, helping to provide an effective and successful treatment plan for cancer patients. 

Company website: OncoSpherix

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