Industry: Algorithmic drug discovery

PanXome built an algorithm that predicts with unprecedented accuracy the effect of potential drug molecules on proteins in the human body. Assisted by artificial intelligence and machine learning, the company’s computational tools have the potential to drastically improve the efficiency of creating safe, effective new medicines.

The algorithm works by modeling all the ways a potential drug molecule could bind to already-mapped human proteins. Machine learning techniques are key to making these predictions. They allow PanXome to predict the effectiveness of a possible drug as well as its potential side effects.

The technology can also be used to model additional uses for existing FDA-approved drugs, thus repurposing safe medicines to treat other conditions.

It currently takes about 14 years and $2 billion to bring a new drug to market. PanXome believes its technology can simplify that process, cutting years from the development schedule and bringing more affordable and accessible medicines to market. 

Company website: PanXome

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