PDx Scan

Industry: Diagnostics for Parkinson’s disease

This early-stage biotech company emerged from MRI neuroscience research at Emory University. The company developed a cost-effective way to assess the degeneration that comes from Parkinson’s disease using a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan.

The approach offers significant advantages over the only existing neuro-imaging technique approved by the FDA for diagnosing Parkinson’s. The current technique is quite costly, and the images it creates aren’t detailed enough to assess how well a Parkinson’s treatment being tested in clinical trials is working.

PDx Scan designed a machine learning algorithm to work hand-in-hand with a multi-contrast MRI scan. It would be more affordable than the current technique, and it would provide more useful information to researchers in clinical trials.

Initially, the startup is making this technology available to hospitals and healthcare systems to aid in various clinical diagnoses and plans of care. PDx Scan is aiming to expand to clinical trials for Parkinson’s treatment, where the technology can be used to select participants in the trial and assess their progress. 

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