Precision MedCare

Industry: Noninvasive detection of liver fibrosis

Precision MedCare invented a patent-pending noninvasive system to detect liver fibrosis, which is scarring caused by long-term strain on the liver, usually due to hepatitis or alcohol abuse.

In early stages, liver fibrosis has no symptoms. But if left unchecked, it can advance to liver cirrhosis, severe illness and sometimes death. Increasing numbers of Americans are dying of liver disease, particularly 25- to 34-year-olds.

Conventional methods of diagnosing liver fibrosis use a biopsy, a small tissue sample from the liver. Conversely, guided by machine learning-based algorithms, Precision MedCare’s patent-pending method uses ultrasound images to identify early-stage liver fibrosis with high accuracy.

The company’s software would enable doctors to safely and conveniently diagnose and assess liver damage, offering a major improvement on the invasive and expensive method of a biopsy. 

Company website: Precision MedCare

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