Industry: Reliability simulation software for semiconductors

This young software company has developed simulation technology to more efficiently and reliably predict the lifetime durability of semiconductor chips.

Semiconductors are essential technology in every industry. Their long-term reliability is crucial, especially in industries like aeronautics, automobiles and healthcare, where unexpected failures can be life-threatening.

RelMaster’s reliability simulation tools will offer a “lifetime performance” check for a hypothetical semiconductor circuit before the costly and time-consuming manufacturing process. These tools will analyze models of physical wear based on design data and projected usage, identifying potential vulnerabilities and suggesting fixes.

The software analyzes both front-of-line and back-of-line wear-out mechanisms, and it can be tailored by customers based on how they intend to use the semiconductors. This approach offers a more comprehensive simulation than competitor products.

 RelMaster’s product will make it faster, more efficient and more affordable to manufacture semiconductors with long-term reliability. 

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