Sweet Nutraceuticals

Industry: Next-generation dietary supplement

Creatine is an amino acid found in muscle cells to produce energy. It’s also a dietary supplement to enhance athletic performance and help build muscle. But it has a few drawbacks — creatine tastes bitter and does not dissolve easily in water.


Sweet Nutraceuticals, LLC created an improved product called creatine acesulfame. This “salt of creatine” addresses both of creatine’s typical problems; creatine acesulfame is both water-soluble and naturally sweet.

Because of its natural sweetness, the Sweet Nutraceuticals product could be used as a sugar-free, zero-calorie sweetener for drinks and snacks. It also offers benefits as a nutritional supplement for fitness and muscle gain, as it can easily be blended with a beverage or added by manufacturers to protein shakes and bars.

The company’s product is currently patent-pending. 

Company website: Sweet Nutraceuticals

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