Industry: Medical device for treating tendon pain

Worldwide, 30 million people suffer from chronic tendon pain (tendonitis). Unfortunately, conventional treatment options, such as physical therapy or open surgery, range in effectiveness and come with disadvantages.

A promising treatment that’s becoming more common is called percutaneous tenotomy. TendoNova has developed a low-cost tool that makes it easier for medical professionals to perform percutaneous tenotomy as a quick outpatient procedure.

In percutaneous tenotomy, a needle is passed repeatedly through the painful tendon. This provokes an inflammatory response, which ultimately kicks off a process of long-term healing. TendoNova’s Ocelot XT system combines a handheld reusable unit with a single-use disposable needle, and it offers the clinician real-time guidance with ultrasound imaging.

The Ocelot system is the first cost-effective device for conducting this procedure in a doctor’s office. It promises to help millions of tendonitis sufferers, quickly alleviating their tendon pain without the need for expensive and invasive surgery. 

Company website: TendoNova

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