Industry: Research platform for beige fat cells

In the past decade, scientists discovered a new type of fat cell: “beige fat cells.” Unlike white fat cells, beige fat cells burn calories instead of storing them. Scientists hope that harnessing beige fat cells could help treat obesity and conditions that often occur alongside it, such as diabetes.

Thermoceutics has developed a first-of-its-kind system to efficiently differentiate beige fat cells from white cells. The company’s system works with fat cells (adipocytes) that are commercially available as science research tools as well as fat cells taken directly from patients. It can also convert white fat cells to beige fat cells.

Thermoceutics’ technology offers several promising uses. It could be put to work in the labs of researchers who study beige fat cells, allowing faster progress. It could also enable personalized medicine by working with individual patients to turn their white fat cells into beige fat cells.

 The Thermaceutics system can be a key tool in screening drugs, developing therapeutics and advancing cell-based therapies that draw on the potential of beige fat cells. 

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