Industry: 3D cell culture platform technology

Agribusinesses looking to pursue cultured meats — grown from animal cells, with no need for animal slaughter — require structures called 3DCC (3-dimensional cell culturing) platforms. Regenerative medicine likewise has a high demand for scalable 3DCC platforms.

CytoNest uses nanofiber technology to create 3DCC platforms that overcome some of the limitations of other commercial-grade systems on the market. Their patent-pending 3D scaffolding technology allows them to construct these platforms from the bottom up, expanding the possibilities of synthetic cell culturing by allowing cell-specific construction.

The CytoNest suite of prototype devices and fabricated 3D fiber scaffolds increase yields of cultured cells and improve scalability of operations. The scaffolds are more porous and have greater geometry than previous iterations, allowing for nutrients and metabolites to be exchanged more efficiently. 

Company website: CytoNest

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