Cambium Oncology

Industry: Therapeutics for colon and pancreatic cancer

Cambium Oncology is discovering and developing new therapies for colon and pancreatic cancers, using peptide antagonists of vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP). 

Analyses of the cancer genome have revealed a biological segmentation in the oncology market. These segments align with different mechanisms of immune escape. Currently available anti-PDL1/PD1 immune checkpoint antibodies, while effective against non-small cell lung cancers, are much less effective against colon and pancreatic cancers, which are shown to have high levels of VIP and low levels of PDL1. 

Cambium is addressing this lack of an effective pharmaceutical therapy for these cancers. Their discovery approach uses a library of peptide sequences to find potent antagonists to VIP receptor binding.

Anti-PD1 antibodies garner an annual market of $11 billion. The untapped market for anti-VIP antibodies is estimated to be over $3 billion. Cambium’s strong IP protections and access to a pipeline of VIP-antagonists gives it a competitive advantage in this emerging market.

Company website: Cambium Oncology

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